Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bruges, warming up for the new season

Bruges is warming up for the new upcoming season. After 6 months of rain and bad weather, finally the sun is shining again.

As spring starts, the city of Bruges is becoming a vibrant medieval town ready to accommodate the millions of tourists planning a stay in the capital of medieval history.

During the months juli and august, many very interesting happenings are planned and should be attended. This year again the ever populer 'klinkers' will start during juli to end in one swimming city in the midst of august. During this 2-week event there are some interesting things to do every day of the week. This event starts on 24-7 untill 8-8.

What most people don't know is that Bruges has an attraction park: If you get bored of all the cultural things to do in Bruges you might suggest a fine visit to Boudewijn - Seapark

This dolfinarium/attraction park si quite something for young and old. Inside Europe most modern and covert Dolfinarium with 1600 seats you can watch a most amazing show.

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