Thursday, November 24, 2011

Van Brugge naar Parijs

Brugge is mooi maar is me soms ietwat te kleinschalig. Vandaar dat ik zeer graag grotere, bruisende steden bezoek: Berlijn, Barcelona, Milaan, Londen, enz.. Dit weekend met de vriendin naar een van de mooiste hotels in Parijs voor een paar dagen boordevol plezier en ontspanning. En romantiek, laat ons hopen! :-)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Going on a city trip to Bruges

Wonderful weekend in a hotel in Bruges, Belgium

The new summer asks for visits to beautiful cities like Bruges, Knokke, Ostend and others. Bruges is as one of Belgium's most important cities a very attractive place to go to. So watch it when you are looking for a hotel in Brugge cause most hotels are going to be fully booked fastly. The hotels in Bruges Belgium are not capable of welcoming all guests in the city and as their is a halt on constructing more hotels inside the city centre this poses many times significant problems.

If you want to visit Bruges it is best to look for your hotel Bruges Belgium as soon as possible. If for any reasons everything is fully booked, you will find the easiest way some
hotels in Knokke
or hotels in Oostende. These coastal cities offer a beautiful stay which can be combined with visiting Bruges. If you stay in a hotel in Knokke or a hotel in Oostende you would even be able to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches of Belgium.

The hotels in Brugge are quite expensive during summer times so staying at the coast would not be such a bad alternative. Cities like Blankenberge and De Panne are very able to accommodate guest looking for peace and cultural visits.

A few examples of nice hotels Bruges are found a little lower in this Blog. If you have any comments on those hotels Brugge feel free to give your opinion, i visited them and they were top of the bill and offer great bang for the buck, especially if you can enjoy one of those online hotelspecials, I found a really great one, just by surfing to the best hotel booking website available at the moment:!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bruges, warming up for the new season

Bruges is warming up for the new upcoming season. After 6 months of rain and bad weather, finally the sun is shining again.

As spring starts, the city of Bruges is becoming a vibrant medieval town ready to accommodate the millions of tourists planning a stay in the capital of medieval history.

During the months juli and august, many very interesting happenings are planned and should be attended. This year again the ever populer 'klinkers' will start during juli to end in one swimming city in the midst of august. During this 2-week event there are some interesting things to do every day of the week. This event starts on 24-7 untill 8-8.

What most people don't know is that Bruges has an attraction park: If you get bored of all the cultural things to do in Bruges you might suggest a fine visit to Boudewijn - Seapark

This dolfinarium/attraction park si quite something for young and old. Inside Europe most modern and covert Dolfinarium with 1600 seats you can watch a most amazing show.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hotels in Bruges part of BookYourHotel is one of the big players on Bruges' hotel market. They offer currently more than 55 hotels in Bruges to their customers. They started out only 4 months ago but their websites is up to date and up to speed. Every hotel is described in detail with reviews which makes it very easy for any customer to book a hotel in Bruges. Bruges is one of the oldest cities of Europe and that shows in the different hotels in this city. Many are still housed in old mansions and still breath medieval. A vistit to Bruges is thus really a visit in time. Everyone should have visited this wonderful town.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hotel Jan Brito

Hotel Jan Brito in Bruges ... Is travelling through history ... We are awaiting you ... Since the middle ages! Hotel Jan Brito is a 16th century listed building and now a luxurious hotel in Bruges with all possible comfort. Much more than only the exterior has been preserved. This impressive mansion in Bruges has conserved unique decorations from former centuries: oak staircase, marble mantelpieces, exposed oak beams and paintings. The hotel Jan Brito is situated in the very calm neighbourhood of Bruges at 20 m from the most romantic and pitoresque canal of Bruges,

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hotel Maraboe

The charming Hotel Maraboe in bruges is situated just near the city centre. The hotel has everything a big hotel offer and more, you will find here a family atmosphere, a feeling that larger hotels can not give you. The Hotel Maraboe is located a short walk from the lovely canals, the pitoresque " ’t Zand " and the new theatre building in Bruges. The warm family atmosphere gives this hotel in Bruges a hospitable character.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hotel 't Zand

Hotel 't Zand is a small hotel, situated in the heart of historic Bruges. It is easily reached through the E40 and you will find this hotels in Bruges right opposite the main exit of the biggest underground car-park in Bruges "' t Zand". It is only 5 minutes by food from the trainstation of Bruges and no more than fourhundred metres from the "Grand Market Place" in Bruges. Hotel 't Zand is perfect for a stay with the whole family. You can book this hotel in Bruges easily here.

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